Department of Accounting and Taxation


We wanted to make this page of the Department that sort of thing that when you visit it, you would not like to go anywhere anymore. We try very hard with understanding of the responsibility to you, to correspond to the modern spirit, and we promise to do our best to make this world better, and to make you happier. We are the Department of Accounting, Taxation and International Economic Relations. We offer you to master the profession of an accountant; and the people of this profession are completely irreplaceable in the modern world. They are needed everywhere, at any enterprise or organization.

An accountant is the second most important person in an enterprise. A financial position of the organization, an effective profitable activity and, ultimately, a sustainable competitive position in the market depend on the work of an accountant. High-skilled instructors are intended to teach such an extremely important and demanded profession

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61170, Kharkiv, Vladyslav Zubenko str., 3-a.

The 1st floor ("Akademika Pavlova" metro station,

KhNAHU, Campus building of Faculty of Management and Business)

Phone: (057) 738-77-86


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