FACULTY OF MANAGEMENT AND BUSINESS,DEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENTInvites you to study in the specialty073 "MANAGEMENT"by educational and qualification levels:BACHELOR, MASTER, DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY.Management is more art than science. Management is the ability to work with people to achieve the goals of both the organization and its members. A manager must be a leader whom people are willing to follow, whose ideas they are willing to believe.

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We invite you to study in the specialty "Management"!   

Why exactly the specialty is management?

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 The department prepares bachelors and masters in the field of knowledge 07 "Management and Administration" in the specialty 073 "Management" in full-time and part-time courses

The department trains specialists in the following areas:

- qualification level "bachelor" - educational and professional program "Management of organizations and logistics";

- qualification level "master" - educational and professional programs in two directions: "Management of organizations and administration" and "Logistic management".

Upon completion of the specialty "Management", graduates can continue their studies in graduate school.

Since 2012, students have the opportunity to study under the double degree program and get a second degree abroad:

- Wyższa Szkoła Zarządzania Ochroną Pracy (WSZOP) (Higher School of Occupational Safety and Health Administration in Poland (Katowice, Poland)).

The number of budget places for full-time education is 10.

Licensed scope: - full-time education:

 - 75 places (bachelor degree)

- 25 places (o.c.g. "master")

Specialty 073 Management

The specialty "Management" is one of the most prestigious specialties in the market economy.

The specialty:

 - makes it possible to manage the team

 - work as an expert and consultant on economic issues, issues of effective organization management and management improvement in accordance with the trends of modern socio-economic development.

If you dream of becoming a leader, have leadership qualities, are looking for unique opportunities for career growth, want to be the first, strive for change and search for the best solutions - then the profession of a manager is for you!

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Number of places for admission to the 1st year of the specialty 073 "Management" by state order - 10 places. This is your chance !!

In addition, we inform that the department provides a 5-10% discount on payment for the first semester of study for the contract form and a 5-10% surcharge to the scholarship for the first year of study to the winners of the competition of scientific works of students 10-11 grades "Future Manager" from February 1 to May 31. Terms of the competition see here

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