Student scientific activity is a priority area of the Department of Economics and entrepreneurship.

 In order to provide scientific training of future specialists at the Department on a regular basis operates a student scientific group "Priority directions and prospects for managing the development of entrepreneurship in Ukraine". A collection of student scientific articles "Economic prospects" is published annually and  held 2 student conferences of international character.

Students of the Department of Economics and Entrepreneurship are active participants not only in scientific conferences, but also in competitions of scientific works, which are held at the national and international levels. Only in recent years, students have become winners and prizewinners of such competitions::

  • All-Ukrainian competition of student scientific works of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in the areas: "Enterprise economics", "Entrepreneurship", "Economics of Road Transport", "Railway Transport and Special Equipment", "Personnel Management and Labor Economics", "Marketing", "Tourism", "Hotel and restaurant business", "Project management", "Banking", "Public administration", "Accounting, analysis and audit", "Economics of nature management and environmental protection", "Food industry and processing of agricultural products";
  • City Tournament of Economists;
  •  All-Ukrainian competition of theses of students of higher educational institutions in the specialty "Enterprise economics";
  • Competition of student scientific works in natural, technical and humanitarian sciences, which is held by the Council of rectors of higher educational institutions of the III-IV accreditation levels of the Kharkiv region;
  • Championship on solving business cases from top companies in Kharkiv;
  • All-Ukrainian youth competition "Innovative Intellect of Ukraine";
  • International competition "Advertising - Fest";
  • All-Ukrainian competition of LoNG student teams.

The results of student scientific works are tested in the form of scientific articles and abstracts of Scientific Reports. In the last academic year alone, students published 102 scientific articles and 127 abstracts of Scientific Reports (independently and in collaboration with teachers of the department), which is one of the best indicators of student research in the university.

Dear students!

 We would like to draw your attention to the possibility of publishing articles in the collection "Economic Prospects", which highlights the results of research related to business economics, marketing, management, finance , etc. Requirements for articles

student research group "Priority areas and prospects for managing the development of entrepreneurship in Ukraine" in the 2021-2022 academic year 


  • Ukraine's economy: prospects for the European vector of development
  • New types of business and problems of their formation in Ukraine
  • Trade as a driving force of the economy. Priorities for the development of trade in Ukraine
  • Applied aspects of stock exchange functioning: domestic and foreign experience


If you have any questions, please contact the head of the group - Doctor of Economics, Professor, Dean of the Faculty Inna Shevchenko